Welcome to the House of the Two Lands

Welcome to Tawy House, home to the House of Netjer, the main temple of the Kemetic Orthodox Faith since 1993. Tawy House Joliet has been in operation since October 2003. A previous center was maintained in southwest Michigan between 2000 and 2003, but is now closed.

Tawy House offers a full-time Kemetic Orthodox temple with services, special spiritual retreats, rituals, fellowship gatherings, and conferences, and is also the home of all the administrative offices of the House of Netjer, the Imhotep Kemetic Orthodox Seminary, and the Udjat Foundation For Children. We are located in Joliet, Illinois, approximately 45 miles southwest of Chicago.

This website serves as our official center for information on Tawy House events, rituals, intensive workshops, and other exciting happenings!