About Tawy House

The current Tawy House in Joliet is actually the second incarnation of our temple building.

Tawy House I, a Kemetic Orthodox retreat and conference center opened primarily in the summer months, was situated on approximately 2.5 semi-wooded acres in Southwest Michigan, and was located within the childhood home of our spiritual leader, Nisut Hekatawy I (Rev. Tamara L. Siuda). Eventually we outgrew our little house in the woods, and the search for a larger, more diversified space for a full-time permanent temple began.

Tawy House II, purchased with a combination of a special grant from our benefactors and temple member fundraising in October 2003, is a 100-year-old three-story brick building with 18 rooms, formerly used as a convent. It contains a full-size temple chapel, a library, a dedicated kitchen and dining area, the permanent residence and offices of our spiritual leader, and temporary (short- and long-term) guestrooms for visiting clergy and temple members.

Note: Tawy House is open only by appointment as of 2013. Please contact us on our kemet.org site if you are interested in visiting us or speaking to one of our clergy members about the Kemetic Orthodox Faith.